Ways That You Can Change The World Today

A DECLARATION BY H.E SIR PATRICK BIJOU.  Today’s world has changed significantly since you and I were children. The simplicity of childhood has given way to the complications of adulthood, and there are new challenges everywhere we look. As leaders


 Today’s world has changed significantly since you and I were children. The simplicity of childhood has given way to the complications of adulthood, and there are new challenges everywhere we look. As leaders who can make a difference in our world, we must look at those challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Not only will this enable us to become much more successful in every aspect of our lives, but it will also give way to future generations who will one day take our place and effect changes in their world. Through imagination, creativity, and resilience, we can all make the world a much better place to live for everyone.

Making A Difference In The World

     The world has become an increasingly crowded place, and we are using our natural resources at an unprecedented pace. The pandemic, conflicts, economic recession, and natural disasters are affecting our society profoundly. Fortunately, each of us can contribute to making our world a better place by making small changes. What we do individually may have negligible impacts, but as a whole, we can change the world for the better.

With that in mind, I want to share some of my favourite ways that you and I can change the world today:

Respect Others- distrust between groups of people can quickly form due to a lack of respect. Regardless of skin colour, religion, and ethnicity, we must respect the rights of those around us.

Being Authentic- being authentic in life is a highly valued personality trait, responsible for making someone likeable or making them someone others can rely upon. It also makes us more accountable leaders, and this, in itself, can help us make a difference in our world. By focusing on being more authentic in our personal and professional lives, we can become the embodiment of authenticity and become better people overall.

Be Grateful- I feel that gratitude can do wonders for our mental health and personal satisfaction. Grateful people are happier and more content with what we have, which means we will buy and consume less.

Be The Change- I firmly believe that, to change the world, we have to change ourselves first. We have to change the habits that make us human, our practices, actions, and way of thinking.

Live By Your Core Values- every one of us has a set of core values instilled in us throughout our childhood. As adults, we can either choose to expand on these values, create new ones, or forget them altogether. Each path will have its repercussions on ourselves and the world around us. By choosing the way of righteousness and living by our core values, we can instil those values in the people around us.

It is essential to examine universal human values as well. There is a lot we can learn from them.

During my entire career, I have been fighting to make universal values a practical reality for as many people as possible. Humanity is more robust than yesterday, but peace and universal values are not a permanent state of being. Contrary to that belief, I have been aware during my entire life that peace and universal values are an objective toward which we should strive continually. We can improve our lives and everyone’s lives only through unremitting effort. Thinking in terms of Heraclites, the only way we can achieve peace and change the world is through continual personal change. Peace and universal values are vital because we create a better world to live in through them. 

Make A Stand- whether you stand for world peace, an end to hunger, a social awakening, or a healing of our planet, you have to make a stand. Don’t just talk about it; go out and live it. In doing so, you will soon find that you are making a difference and changing the world for the better each and every day.

Get Involved In Your Local Community- the pandemic has caused many problems in our communities. Households that lose primary sources of income and solitary older people may need your help. If we all work together towards a common goal, we can strengthen our communities, leading to a more peaceful, happy and robust world.

Use Less Electricity And Water- we need to unplug and turn off when not using water and electricity. Conserving energy means that we are also conserving our natural resources, leading to sustainability and a healthier planet for us and future generations.

There are many ways that each and every one of us can change the world we

live in. It just takes the desire to make a difference, empathy to put yourself in

someone else’s place, and compassion towards your fellow man. With these core

values and attributes, the world can become a better place for everyone.

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