Mission Vision & Values

His Excellency, Sir Patrick Bijou, is a firm believer in the notion that people are only growing when they are learning. To this end, he has dedicated the majority of his 40-year career to teaching, mentoring, guiding and shaping a new generation of entrepreneurs, traders and investors. His knowledge has served organisations of all types and sizes as their founders, boards and CEOs have benefitted from Sir Patrick’s lessons in the art of leadership, influence and wealth creation. In the wake of the economic downturn following the global Covid-19 pandemic, Sir Patrick is more determined than ever to take the concept of financial freedom to the next level by helping others to achieve their full money-making potential.

Mission Statement

To help and inspire people through action and unbiased education to reach their goals, aspiration and dreams in creating a better world and lasting legacy.

Sir Patrick’s mission in all that he does is to make a tangible impact in the lives of the individuals that he comes in contact with. This impact can be in the form of humanitarian aid, a keynote address, a memorable line in one of his books or the traces of wisdom that he instils in both new and seasoned business owners. Sir Patrick’s goal is to elevate those around him to a new level of excellence by guiding them towards financial freedom, wealth creation and improved quality of life.

Vision Statement

Sir Patrick’s vision is for every individual to have the tools necessary to turn a great idea into an industry-leading brand experience that can be seen, touched and felt around the world. He believes that every obstacle has its very own solution and that even the most far-reaching dreams can be realised with imagination, creativity and resilience. In Sir Patrick’s opinion, every day presents a new opportunity to make the world that we all live and work in a better, more creative and more compassionate place.

Sir Patrick’s Guiding Principles Include

New ideas are the axis on which the business world turns, which is why Sir Patrick takes the art of out-of-the-box thinking seriously. Innovation is the cornerstone of his success and is, therefore, a skill that he is committed to teaching through his written works and training programs.
In Sir Patrick’s view, ambition in action is the foundation of entrepreneurship. He believes in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to raise individuals out of their circumstances and set them on a path to success even greater than they could have imagined.
Sir Patrick’s close involvement in the charitable organizations that he supports is a testament to his belief in the value of serving humanity with humility and empathy. Though he has achieved great personal success, he sees it as his duty to be as transparent about the path he took as possible so that others may follow in his footsteps and achieve their dreams.