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Sir Patrick Bijou is a British investment banker, fund manager, philanthropist, speaker, venture capitalist and author. He uses his diverse range of expertise in the areas of business, finance and investing to help others to grow their businesses, overcome the obstacles that are holding them back and establish a trusted name for their brands. In utilizing Sir Patrick’s methodologies, hundreds of individuals have been transformed into experts in the realms of investment strategy, wealth creation and brand loyalty, allowing them to reinvigorate their businesses and achieve optimum success.

Outside of his work in the financial industry, Sir Patrick is a passionate venture capitalist with an eye for promising start-ups and industry-changing ideas. By sharing his experience and fiscal expertise with these emergent organisations, Sir Patrick helps them to reach their full potential and fulfil the promise of success that they hold.

Sir Patrick’s
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Allow Sir Patrick’s invigorating approach to change your business outlook for good.

To help and inspire people through action and unbiased education to reach their goals, aspiration and dreams in creating a better world and lasting legacy.

Press & Media

Services Provided

  1. Primary Interbank Services and Credit Analyst Services
  2. Banker’s Trust Heritage & Historical Assets
  3. Commercial Accounts Custodian Services
  4. Re-Valuations and Cash-Credit Ratings Enhancement Services
  5. Advisory and Consulting
  6. Interbank Clearances Services for institutional and private banking clients and International Investments
  7. Private Placement Programs
  8. Wealth and asset management
  9. Redemption and cash/asset recovery of frozen assets by government and other authorities.
  10. Fund Manager for LWP Capital.
  11. Published books in finance and investment banking.

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