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His Excellency, Sir Patrick Bijou, is passionate about leveraging his decades of experience and expertise in the fields of business, finance and investments to lead individuals, businesses and corporations to new heights. Whether you are a brand new start-up or a well-established name in your industry, Sir Patrick will work with you and your team to enable you to reach your full potential, scale your business and imbue your brand with a legacy of success.

Sir Patrick is a specialist in the following areas:

  • Team and organizational leadership
  • Personal leadership
  • Implementation of organizational change
  • Organizational growth strategy
  • Investment strategy

The Incubator

Mentorship And Growth-Strategy For Promising Ventures

Sir Patrick has fine-tuned his ability to spot the potential in a budding start-up and has built a diverse and exciting personal portfolio over his many years as a venture capitalist. Through his expert analysis, guidance and mentoring, he has supported multiple up-and-coming organisations from concept to success story and is capable of doing the same for you. Enlist Sir Patrick to help your young business to achieve its full potential through his expert entrepreneurial mentoring program or one-on-one consultations and rise to new and exciting levels of success.

You can be a small business with big dreams. Sign up for Sir Patrick’s Incubator program today to see your most ambitious business aspirations manifested.

The Catalyst

Investment Strategy & Business Cultivation For Established Businesses

Sir Patrick is always looking for opportunities to connect with individuals of high net worth in the business, entrepreneurship, finance and investment arenas. His aptitudes in these sectors allow him to grow his client’s entrepreneurial vision through creative thinking and innovation, transforming average businesses into cutting-edge industry leaders. By cultivating brand loyalty and setting a standard of excellence, Sir Patrick helps business owners to build their legacy of wealth through savvy profit generation techniques and sound investment strategies.

Give your business an edge over the competition with Sir Patrick Bijou’s dedicated Catalyst program for established businesses.

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Does your business venture have specific needs that you feel would not be addressed by either the Incubator or Catalyst programs?

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