Changing the world appears to be a huge task that we must not ignore

Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Changing the world appears to be a huge task that we must not ignore, to do so, we do so at our

Nelson Mandela said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Changing the world appears to be a huge task that we must not ignore, to do so, we do so at our peril. For me, changing the world is a moral and intellectual duty, and we can all play a part and take steps to achieve it. 

I am writing this article to express my gratitude for being newly appointed as Ambassador for Peace at the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA. I would like to convey my special gratitude to His Eminence Dr. Madhu Krishan the founder of this remarkable International Organisation and for bestowing me the privilege and honour to work closely with him at the Academy in educating our mission for world peace. He is no doubt a most remarkable and spiritual leader. I would also like to thank Her Majesty Queen Uba Iwanwa for her trust in me and high regard. She is an inspirational force in my life and I dedicate this article to her and the Academy. As a Judge of the principal judicial organ of The International Court of Justice (ICJ), I am aware of the vital role education plays in our societies. Only through education and integrity, are we able to solve conflicts and achieve global peace. 

In the world we live, education is the bridge toward solidarity, harmony, inclusiveness, shared responsibility, goodwill, and other universal values that make our lives better. Education means setting ourselves free, and freedom is the absolute necessity that enables us to become a more just society. 

H.E. Dr Sir Patrick Bijou in office

During my entire career, I have been fighting to make universal values a practical reality for as many people as possible. Humanity is stronger than yesterday, but peace and universal values are not a permanent state of being. Contrary to that belief, I have been aware during my entire life that peace and universal values are an objective toward which we should strive continually. We can improve our lives and everyone’s lives only through unremitting effort. Thinking in terms of Heraclites, the only way we can achieve peace and universal values is through continual change. Peace and universal values are vital because, through them, we create a better world to live.

The Academy is enabling me to provide a significant contribution in this field. As an Ambassador, I shall provide all my knowledge, influence and network to help the Academy make an enormous impact in our societies. Although many people may see politics as depraved today, I think we can achieve great things through governments and continual collaboration. Hence, apart from my knowledge, I shall be providing all my support to the disposition of the Academy. Through our connections and cooperation, we shall create solidarity, equality, inclusiveness, shared responsibility, and harmony the core values that accompany our lives. 

I was fortunate enough to have been nominated and invited to the Academy as an Ambassador by her Majesty Queen Dr. Iba Inwanwa and since then, have been carefully following the work of the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA and its associated University. Its contribution in over 77 countries holds excellent value for the world as we know it today. The Academy has brought together eminent Scientists, Scholars, Social Activists, Retired Judges, Lawyers, Teachers, Retired Professors & Academics, Chartered Accountants & IT Professionals to achieve universal values and global peace. By building this beautiful affiliation and team and transcending the boundaries of religion, gender, geography, and ethnicity, the Academy has been contributing to one simple, but major thing:

We are all humans that live under the same sun. Hence, we all deserve peace and universal values in our lives. 

Another significant contribution from the Academy of Universal Global Peace USA is in the field of education. I am referring to the University for Global Peace founded in 2000. For more than two decades, this University has been a global think tank helping scholars understand more and contribute further in the field of peace.

As an academic, I know that universities have been leading civilisations since their early days. Universities have helped humanity transcend the medieval period and are helping us today to achieve global peace and live according to universal values. Universities are the essential medium for bringing a culture of peace globally. The University for Global Peace and its many campuses worldwide have been doing this by educating and preparing global civil communities. 

These communities are the medium toward a better world where everyone can live in peace and embrace universal values. The fundamental role of this University is also well-known globally and so is its mission. Another thing that I should like to mention is the contribution of the University for helping scholars with their doctoral studies in Peace and Conflict studies and therapeutic Jurisprudence. As an Academic, I am delighted that I shall contribute by sharing my knowledge and experience to further what is essentially a platform to the understanding of peace and humanity as we prepare a better future for generations to come. I would therefore like to leave this world with the knowledge that I have left a legacy for promoting global peace, that humanity has been educated in what it truly means to love one another as you love yourself.