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Sir Patrick’s charity and humanitarian work

Sir Patrick Bijou is an International Court of Justice-International Criminal Court (ICJ-ICC) Senior Banking Redemption Judge, investment banker, UN Ambassador for World Peace, fund manager, and a famous author. He has worked with several notable customers for over three decades in the financial markets, including governments, banks, and businesses. He is a philanthropist.

After completing his primary education in London, Sir Patrick relocated to the US to earn his Masters in Economics & International Banking and his Honors in Business Studies. He subsequently earned degrees from Southampton University in England and the University of Hertfordshire in England, where he gained his PhD in Economics and International Banking. Armed with this philosophy, he continued to further himself in his chosen career.

His efforts to improve himself have led to several leadership positions, including governor at the American University USA and a trusted senior adviser for the International Postdoctoral Association in Hong Kong. The institution also awarded him an honorary doctorate in literature and divinity.

Sir Patrick’s charity and humanitarian work:

Within Lloyds Bank PLC, Sir Patrick was responsible for developing the MTN & Private Placement Desk and trader gathering. In 2002, he was the first broker for Lloyd’s Treasury to increase the proportion of self-led trades from 4 percent to 32 percent.

He received several honours, including the Wells Fargo “Valley of the Stars” award for Multiple Recipients. Eventually, he became the well-known banker he is today after receiving the honour of Wells Fargo’s “Circle of Stars” and joining the Millionaire Club and Champion Circle.

His selection as a member of the Panel Arbitrators of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes was primarily based on his finance and international law expertise. He juggles this with his current responsibilities as the fund manager for LWP Capital, a WPT ambassador, a philanthropist, a well-known author, and many other pursuits.

His writing has brought him renown because he writes action-packed, fascinating, romantic, criminal, and dramatic fiction rather than sticking to one genre or topic.

He has authored more than 25 works, including fiction and nonfiction, that have been published.

His excellent career accomplishments and philanthropic contributions have brought him recognition on a global scale and highlighted his abilities as an intellectual and academic. He also receives admiration for his humanitarian efforts.

His creation of a line of credit for global supply chains and SMEs for the public sector and government funding is among his most significant professional accomplishments. Additionally, he created the economic phenomenon known as the Contract for Difference (CFD), which banks and other financial organisations now use. Using sophisticated leverage ratios, CFD has transformed how transactions are carried out on capital markets. He has penned articles and books about CFDs and how to use trading, asset management, and wealth development techniques to get wealthy.

It eventually turned into a unique aspect of his PhD thesis.


To contribute to a better society and leave a lasting legacy, Sir Patrick Bijou has refined his business management abilities, writing skills, ethics, corporate governance, and legal principles.

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