Looking Back To A Star-Studded Decades-Long Career

Successful people are not thinking about the failure of a project or how much they can or cannot lose. For them, companies or businesses are like a game of numbers and percentages. They are calculated and quick when making decisions;

Successful people are not thinking about the failure of a project or how much they can or cannot lose. For them, companies or businesses are like a game of numbers and percentages. They are calculated and quick when making decisions; instead, the unsuccessful are afraid.

Successful people do not blame other sources for their mistakes or expect help from others, they are focused on achieving their goals.

They see investment opportunities and take advantage of them to get more and thus achieve their objectives. The philosopher Aristotle said: “Excellence is an art that arises from entertainment and habit. We do not act correctly because we have virtue or excellence, rather we have those things because we have acted correctly. We are what we do on a repetitive basis. Excellence then is not an act but a habit”.

This reminds us of a personality who has time and again portrayed the most exemplary professional acumen and led a career that remains memorable today. His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou is a banking, political, judicial, and publishing professional from the United Kingdom, a resounding example of a successful man.

He has been honored with a Valley of the Stars Award at Wells Fargo bank and the Circle of Stars Award. The Human Excellence Golden Award from the American University USA, and the personality of the year 2021 award for Excellence and Creativity at the Royal Diplomatic Club of the United Nations. Sir Patrick is also the Director and Secretary General of Europe for UN NGO World Peace Tracts. He also remains the ICJ-ICC Senior Judge for the International Court of Justice Redemption Department elected for his expertise in finance into the member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes.

He has exemplified exceptional analytical abilities and the capacity to resolve international law and provide advisory views on legal and political matters referred to him by authorized United Nations organs and organizations throughout his career. With over three decades of experience in various sectors, including writing, investment banking, finance, politics, and international relations, Sir Patrick has correctly leveraged his substantial knowledge at the ICJ-ICC and United Nations through these relationships.

He has led a staggering run as a professional banker with unique wealth-building abilities and asset management skills recognized to a select few. There are restricted permits available to recover and redeem historic government assets, specialist knowledge, and negotiating skills that His Excellency possesses.

Sir Patrick has given many memorable moments of his exceptional character and wisdom. He has always aspired to continue making the world where we live a secure, joyful, and socio-ecologically sustainable environment for future generations and restore the vibrancy and significance of world peace through sustainable and supportive measures in the long-term interest of our planet.

As a professional, Sir Patrick has always had a strong interest in asset management and wealth creation, particularly after leaving Wall Street’s trading floor. He appreciates assisting individuals in accumulating wealth and realizing their dreams through project funding and wealth construction.

At the same time, his judicial position is critical in ensuring justice for governments in territorial conflicts and redeeming and reclaiming assets. As an Ambassador for the NGO World Peace Tract, he is determined to raise humanity’s awareness of the importance of lasting peace and assist individuals living in war-torn places via charity in providing vital health care, food, and shelter in war-torn communities worldwide. This is his wonderful non-governmental organization’s mission statement, which he feels honored to be part of and supports.

His Excellency is a firm believer that he has been bestowed with a unique personality who works to elevate our world and society to a new level of strategic cooperation. He has always tried to make the world a better place for everyone and not just a few. His banking expertise, judicial background, and years of experience equip him with extensive diplomatic abilities to promote peaceful cooperation and provide legal advice, making a real difference in people’s lives.

Sir Patrick is also a renowned author of over 21 works of fiction and non-fiction books. He is most known for his work in the capital markets and private placement funding.

This makes Sir Patrick’s career all the more memorable and insightful for generations to come. He has garnered an influence and commanded respect which will remain intact for years to come. His Excellency resilience, attitude, and professional acumen in the face of every challenge continue to inspire his peers and all of the people associated with his professional circle.

It is, after all, a resounding fact about successful professionals who lead a benchmark, introducing ideas and practices that transform businesses and nurture strong characteristics and leadership roles in different people associated with an organization to support humanity and leave a lasting legacy.

– Featured in IBT.