How the war in Ukraine affects us all

The Russian assault of Ukraine was a rolling point for world safety, the international economy as well as global energy design. It is impossible to narrow down a war like this to one region while we live in a globalised world. We cannot keep radioactivity in one country’s terrestrial borders or exclude one country from […]

An update on Genocide in Nigeria

In the recent six years, the world has seen two clear cases of genocidal killings. The first happened in Iraq and Syria, perpetrated by Daesh against religious minorities for example the Christians and Yazidis. The second occurred in Myanmar, perpetrated by Burmese armed forces against the Rohingya Muslims and other minorities. Yet, there’re evolving stations […]

Why is there a petrol crisis? Is it due to the Ukraine war?

Tens of thousands of people have died due to the fighting in Ukraine. Along with the immediate humanitarian disaster, the fighting has caused energy costs to rise globally, harming consumers and putting pressure on international leaders to alleviate their suffering. What causes the price of gasoline to rise? A perfect storm of three reasons is […]

How do UN Peacekeeping partnerships drive development and peace?

Millions of helpless people are protected by United Nations troops daily in some of the most precarious political environments and deadly locations on earth. The United Nations does not have a combat army. It is a political effort to assist in securing enduring peace so that rehabilitation may occur. Peacekeeping relies heavily on partnerships. The […]

Sir Patrick’s charity and humanitarian work

Sir Patrick Bijou is an International Court of Justice-International Criminal Court (ICJ-ICC) Senior Banking Redemption Judge, investment banker, UN Ambassador for World Peace, fund manager, and a famous author. He has worked with several notable customers for over three decades in the financial markets, including governments, banks, and businesses. He is a philanthropist. After completing […]

Cryptocurrency: How is it going to change future investments?

What do you mean by cryptocurrency? Cryptography generates and controls cryptocurrencies, which are digital currencies created and maintained using advanced encryption techniques. With the launch of Bitcoin in the year 2009, cryptocurrency went from being just a hypothetical notion to reality. Even though Bitcoin grew in popularity during the past 10 years, it drew considerable […]

Three metrics to observe before investing in crypto during a bear market

Cryptocurrency bear markets deplete portfolio value and have a dangerous tendency to drag on for longer than anybody anticipates. Fortunately, one of the many silver linings of a market-wide decline is that it allows purchasers to refocus and explore efforts that will prosper once the pattern turns bullish again. Here are three things to consider […]

How is the war in Ukraine affecting the world’s financial markets?

The Russia-Ukraine issue, Europe’s most serious conflict since WWII, occurs at a critical juncture for the global economy. It has dashed prospects of a global economic recovery from COVID19’s ravages, at least for now. Various pressures have strained the global economy since the World Health Organization (WHO) designated the COVID19 pandemic a public health emergency […]

Genocide in Nigeria ??

How much do Christians in the West know about Nigeria? Do we remember that it is Africa’s largest country? Are we aware of its enormous economic significance? Most importantly, do we know that another genocide against Christians appears to be going place there right now? 186 million women, men, and children live in Nigeria. Christians […]